Why Wine?

Wine is the way we choose to make a difference in this world. Why? Because the abandoned youth we support live in wine country, Argentina. And what better way to build up communities and generations by activating our purchasing power through a product we enjoy regularly. Family owned vineyards and abandoned youth go together like cheese and wine. How do we know? Because we watched it literally transform the lives of hundreds of oppressed communities when done right. Join our movement for wine tips, food and wine recipes and stories about the abandoned youth your wine purchase supports. Stay with us if you are a wine lover who dares to change the world.

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Luminis Lujan  Cabernet Sauvignon

Luminis Lujan Cabernet Sauvignon

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When my mother introduced me to Mariagrazia she first said, “you have to meet this girl, she is here in Argentina alone, trying to help the orphans here. We have to help her.” Martin goes on to explain, “I was a bit confused at first but then I met her in person and it all made sense. I listened to her passion, her story and the reason why she was starting the wine company. I was confronted with an opportunity to fulfill the promise I told myself back when I was in university. I knew I had to help her help those that couldn’t help themselves.” 

“I feel a sense of responsibility knowing that I’m able to work with such a wine company that is literally changing the lives of young people that were made orphans. Our team is proud to be partnered with this first of its kind wine social enterprise, Humanity Wine Co.” Martin’s sentiment for the work being done is genuine and filled with honor. 

You see, Martin grew up on the vineyard. His grandmother planted grapes and he always wanted to take those grapes and make wine out of them. So when the opportunity arose, he and his best friend and rugby teammate, Christian Allmand who also grew up on the vineyards with his family, threw all of our chips in and got to work on the land. “My ability to marry my passion and heritage in wine with the promise to help others makes for the perfect blend,” describes Martin when asked how he feels to work with a social enterprise. 

How the grapes are grown, the way they are tended to and by whom they are tended by are what I believe make up the most important aspect to producing a great wine. The perfect imbalances in a wine’s personality make a wine beautiful, unique, and most importantly pleasurable to the palette. 

You see our winemaker Christian, is one of the few that works just as much if not more on the vineyard than he does on the wine. Our philosophy is steeped in the belief that we must grant people a sense of place from each specific, varied and beautiful region of Mendoza, Argentina. Each grape, based on its geographical location, atmosphere, and soil is uniquely positioned to showcase something rare. There is no need to manipulate the grapes to produce an inauthentic expression of a region.

When you couple this intense work ethic and passion to our 100% manual harvesting process you get a pure, unspoiled expression in the bottle that started well before the fermentation process. 

We are a small team of only 2 full time teammates working throughout the year. When harvest or bottling season approaches we hire 20 - 30 teammates. Often the same men and women join our team and get the delicate work done in time to create the wine you drink today. 

This exquisite expression of Cabernet Sauvignon from our boutique vineyard in Mendoza, 100% Cabernet Sauvignon from Joaquin Villanueva's vineyard in Perdriel, district of Lujan de Cuyo, tastes of dark raisin and flower bouquet. 

In general ‘the Mendoza wine region’ is the only name associated with Argentinian wine. Finca de Joaquin Villenueva, both located in the region of Luján de Cuyo, part of the High Mendoza River sub-region. 

We believe it is important for any person approaching wine from Argentina to learn a little bit more about the macro characteristics of each sub-region in Mendoza in order to better appreciate and better understand the wines and the people that work behind them.


There are only 341 cases of the 2017 vintage, making this Cabernet Sauvignon a rare and limited wine.

Reigning from Argentina’s most known and important region of wine Lujan de Cuyo

  1. 3300 ft. above sea level
  2. Lower altitude valley experiencing higher temperatures granting an unique opportunity to creating some of the world’s leading Cabernets
  3. A more ‘masculine’ wine then it’s cousins in the Uco Valley
  4. Less than 400 cases!

“Exceptions! Dry, yet easy on the palate. It is so good that you try cannot limit this wine to just one kind of food group. Definitely a great wine, 5 stars.” Luminis Cabernet Sauvignon - David Singerland