Why Wine?

Wine is the way we choose to make a difference in this world. Why? Because the abandoned youth we support live in wine country, Argentina. And what better way to build up communities and generations by activating our purchasing power through a product we enjoy regularly. Family owned vineyards and abandoned youth go together like cheese and wine. How do we know? Because we watched it literally transform the lives of hundreds of oppressed communities when done right. Join our movement for wine tips, food and wine recipes and stories about the abandoned youth your wine purchase supports. Stay with us if you are a wine lover who dares to change the world.

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Allamand Cuvee Saint Jeannet 2016

Allamand Cuvee Saint Jeannet 2016

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Well before I embarked on my wine career, I got very sick. My whole family was in Argentina while I studied abroad to become an engineer at a university in the USA. I had no family to guide me during this difficult time, with the exception of my host family, which I learned to rely on heavily. This family took care of me, nurtured me and supported me during this scary, uncertain moment in my life. They helped me navigate those unknown waters.

Communication between them and my family became regular and with time, I received treatment for that illness and ended up healing and recovering. It was at that time when I recognized the importance and critical necessity of love, guidance and encouragement. I knew I would one day give back to those who couldn’t help themselves. 

When Mariagrazia was introduced to me by my mother, I listened to her passion, her story and the reason why she was starting the wine company. I was confronted with an opportunity to fulfill the promise I told myself in university. I knew I had to help her help those that couldn’t help themselves. 

I feel a sense of responsibility knowing that I’m able to work with such a wine company that is literally changing the lives of young people that were made orphans. Our team is proud to be partnered with this first of its kind wine social enterprise. 

You see, I got into the wine industry because I always wanted to have the grapes that my grandmother planted transformed into a good wine. The ability to marry my passion and heritage in wine with the promise to help others makes for the perfect blend. 

Where the grapes grow, how they are tended and by whom they are tended by are what I believe to be the most important aspect to producing a great wine. The perfect imbalances in a wine’s personality make a wine beautiful, unique, pleasurable to the palette. 

For instance, I drink the most of our Allamand Saint Jeannette. My wife and I love it. Nothing compares to having that wine with oysters. It’s rare to find oysters here in Argentina, so anytime I am outside of the country visiting a distributor, I make sure to find an oyster bar that serves our wine. 

You see our winemaker Christian Allamand, is one of the few that works just as much if not more on the vineyard than he does on the wine. Our philosophy is steeped in the belief that we must grant people a sense of place from each specific, varied and beautiful regions of Mendoza, Argentina. Each grape, based on its geographical location, atmosphere, and soil is uniquely positioned to showcase something rare. There is no need to manipulate the grapes to produce an inauthentic expression of a region.

When you couple this intense work ethic and passion to our 100% manual harvesting process you get a pure, unspoiled expression in the bottle that started well before the fermentation process. 

We have only 2  full time teammates working for us. However throughout the course of the year we have 20 - 30 teammates join our various activities. When harvest comes around we hire temporary workers, often the same men and women to join our team and get the delicate work done in time to create the wine you drink today. 

In general ‘the Mendoza wine region’ is the only name associated with Argentinian wine. However, there are five sub-regions in Mendoza: High Mendoza River, Valle de Uco, Eastern, Northern, and Southern. Cristian Allamand, our vineyards winemaker, cultivates vines in the two most important sub-regions in Mendoza: Finca Federico Villafañe, Finca La Esperanza, and Finca JP Calandria, all located in the Valle de Uco sub-region, and Finca La Lucita, and Finca de Joaquín Villanueva, both located in the region of Luján de Cuyo, part of the High Mendoza River sub-region. 

Those of us who like wine with a sense of place and are making wines respecting the places where they come from know that wines coming from these different sub-regions within Mendoza are VERY DIFFERENT. This is exactly why, we believe, it is important for any person approaching wine from Argentina to learn a little bit more about the macro characteristics of each sub-region in Mendoza in order to better appreciate and better understand the wines and the people that work behind them.

The 2016 Allamand Sainte Jeannette is a rare and limited white wine from El Carrizal, Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza. This white wine from Argentina is 100% Sanite Jeannette grape also known as Gros Vert Blanc.

With a very limited production of 5,000 bottles, the 2016 vintage was the starting point for this rare, unique, and almost extinct grape variety. As far as we know, this strange grape variety originated in France (Grasse according to some... southern Rhone according to others...) Cristian Allamand along with his father Raymond Stanislas Allamand have rescued this variety and own the only 2 hectares planted to 100% Saint Jeannet at La Lucita vineyard, in the district of El Carrizal, part of the Lujan de Cuyo region.

 In 2013, working in conjunction with the local INTA and the remote direction of Jose Vouillamoz (geneticist that works with Jancis Robinson and Julia Harding, MW, co-authoring "Wine Grapes: A Complete Guide to 1,368 Vine Varieties, including their Origins and Flavours"), DNA analysis confirmed with 99% confidence that the grapes that the Allamands are cultivating are Saint Jeannet/Gros Vert Blanc. 

 You will find this wine to have extremely high acidity. The minerality balances beautifully with a citric note. You will find white peaches and flowers as well as tart, refreshing and juicy pineapple notes.

    “It’s one of the rarest grapes in the world and even more unique to the palate. The nose is beautiful and when you taste it, you can’t help but question “what is this”? Its my go-to aperitif wine now. It pairs beautifully with so many appetizers. This is a must try.” Allamand Cuvee Saint Jeannet 2016 - Diana Thakmedia